Saturday, May 14, 2016

Molly and the Bear Book Review by Adroth Rian

Adroth Rian kindly wrote a very nice review of Molly and the Bear for the German comics blog Below is the english translation. Thank you so much, Adroth!
"Molly and the Bear"
by Bob Scott .
Hey, everybody! Today we'd like to introduce you "Molly and the Bear" short comics by Bob Scott. The comic strips are telling the story of Molly, her family and a friendly bear, who lives with them under the same roof (which is pretty hilarious, if you consider, that most families have a medium-sized dog at the utmost).

The stories are told in a very heartwarming and funny way, always leaving a wide smile on your face after reading. The drawings strongly remind of Saturday morning cartoons from the eighties and nineties, which brings back the good old childhood memories. D'you like a little taste?

You are craving for more? Find a whole bunch of "Molly and the Bear" comic strips on the official website Also, if you want to keep up with all the upcoming events related to this lovely comic project, check out Bob's Fanpage on

What are you waiting for? Read it, like it, share it!
...And since Bob asked so kindly, we also added the Amazon link, where you can buy "Molly and the Bear" hardcover book ;-) So if you decided to buy Bob's comic book, just follow this link and it can be yours in no time!

And now... we're over and out.
See you around!
Your Shin and Adroth