Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Molly and the Bear Book Review by Jerry Beck

Writer, animation producer and author Jerry Beck has written this very positive review of Molly and the Bear for his website Cartoon Research.Thank you, Jerry!
Molly and The Bear by Bob Scott (Cameron + Company)
molly-bear-bookAnd finally – Good news, everyone! Molly and the Bear has now been collected onto print media (where its belonged all along) in a huge new coffee table book from Cameron + Company. 
I’ve always admired Bob Scott’s web comic, it’s so damn good looking. It feels like an animated cartoon in four panels – and for good reason: Scott is a trained animator who has credits on Cats Don’t Dance and The Incredibles(among much else). 
The strip (which started in 1997) concerns 11-year old Molly, her nine-hundred pound talking pet bear, along with her somewhat patient Mom and Dad. The new book collects literally hundreds of strips, along with some fantastic back pages bonus material (sketches, pencils, roughs, promotional images and some wonderful retro “Sunday section” comic pages). Good stuff, sez I. Lots of fun. Highly Recommended!